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How to Set Up Version Control for a SQL Server Database

Connect a SQL Server database to your source control system from within SQL Server Management Studio

Everyone knows that source code files belong in a version control system... but databases aren't typically stored in easily-versioned files.  A significant portion of code is left unsecured simply because committing it takes too much time, too much work.... Read More

Targeting Multiple Versions of SQL Server Management Studio

Learn how to use a single build command in Visual Studio to output two or more DLLs from the same project

The interface between SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and its add-ins has been known to change between versions, precluding the possibility of one DLL to rule them all.  If the features your add-in uses are among those which have changed, targeting multiple versions will mean compiling multiple versions.  Thankfully it just takes a few steps to set up.... Read More

SQL Server Management Studio Add-In Basics

Learn how to get started with your own SSMS Add-In

A SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in requires quite a bit of boilerplate code just to get started.  Since official documentation is scarce, knowing which events to hook, functions to call, and incantations to recite requires a considerable amount of poking and prodding of the black box that is SSMS (and its supporting libraries).... Read More