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Lightweight database version controlfor DBAs and Developers.

VersionSQL connects SQL Server to your favorite source control system, enabling you to roll back changes, view history, and more without ever leaving SQL Server Management Studio.

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    "Very nice SSMS Git client"
    - Tor, Independent Consultant
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    "Exactly what we've been looking for"
    - Eric, Process & Systems Manager
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    "User friendly and easy to set up"
    - Leila, Database Developer
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    "Works well, straightforward"
    - Adam, Developer
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    "Really very useful"
    - Rahit, Data Analyst
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Copy and paste is not a good versioning strategy.

Use VersionSQL to build a history for SQL objects without cluttering your database with copies.

Send revisions to version control easily, all from within SQL Server Management Studio.

Track changes the right way.


Bring Order Out of Chaos

We are heavy users of stored procedures and DDL and having many developers working on the same database was hell. VersionSQL was exactly what we needed. Very easy and affordable solution. After months of daily usage, we definitely recommend VersionSQL.

Ian Smirlis
Senior Developer
Orian Information Systems S.A.

Keep Your Workflow Simple

We were looking for a simple-to-use interface between SQL Server Management Studio and Azure DevOps. Other solutions seemed unnecessarily complex and were not used enough as they created additional workload overhead. With VersionSQL the whole team now regularly commits changes so we feel far more comfortable. VersionSQL makes our job both more efficient and easier. A must-have investment.

Brad McAllister
Senior Full Stack Developer
St Mary’s University, Twickenham
United Kingdom

Get Started Easily

Your documentation is well presented and the instructions are clear. I have been using source control software for a while and I like VersionSQL. Excellent software. 5 Stars from me.

Paul Trotman
Business Owner
Trotman's Accounting Services
St. Kitts

Reach People Who Care

VersionSQL has an amazing support team! A bug found was fixed within days, a suggestion for a new feature was accepted and implemented within the next version. In short, I wish all my software providers would act like VersionSQL.

Alon Ronen
Freelance Developer


✅ Fits into your workflow

One with SQL Server Management Studio

VersionSQL works where you work, nestled inside the Object Explorer. No need to switch back and forth between separate applications.

Adapts to your database development style

Flexible configuration options fit with any database development model, from shared to distributed and beyond.

Filters out the noise

Powerful gitignore-style object filtering blacklists the parts of your database that you don't care about and whitelists the parts you do.

✅ Connects to your version control system

Fluent in Git and Subversion

Connects natively to Git and Subversion repositories hosted on-premises or in the cloud (e.g. Azure DevOps, GitHub).

Knows command line, too

Competently leverages the command line to check in SQL with any kind of source control that can do it (e.g. Mercurial, TFS).

Friend of folders

Filesystem your jam? VersionSQL will cheerily script out SQL objects as flat files to your chosen working directory.

✅ Gives you super powers

Historical clairvoyance

Pinpoint what objects changed, who changed them, when, how, and why.

Undo button for schema changes

Drop away! You have a safety net. Roll back changes to any point in history.

Deployment script generator

Deploy schema changes the easy way: Let the machines do the heavy lifting.

✅ Stays out of your way

Light as a feather

No constant background scanning to weigh you down. Keep SQL Server Management Studio snappy and your server unburdened.

High-perf scripting

Have a big database? VersionSQL's finely-tuned scripting engine will flip through it in a jiffy so you can get back to what matters.

Gently keeps you on track

Been a while since you checked in your changes? Expect a subtle reminder. Feel free to hit "snooze".

✅ Handcrafted with love

Does one thing well

VersionSQL is laser-focused on SQL Server version control. You’re getting a specialized tool for your exact needs — not a bulky product with features you won’t use.

Getting better all the time

Rather than coasting on brand reputation and a restrictive subscription model, VersionSQL grows and improves by leaps and bounds with every release.

The friendliest licensing

You have the freedom to keep running the software you've purchased without a subscription, and get discounts for supporting continued development. From one human to another: Thank you!

Pricing for individuals, teams, and organizations

Purchases include a perpetual license: Keep using what you have, forever. Renewals include a continuity discount: Save 20% on your first renewal, then 40% after that.

Perpetual | Monthly


  • SQL Server Express Edition only
  • Includes 15-day free trial of
    VersionSQL Professional


  • Single user license
  • Equip yourself to
    do your job well
  • Email support

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Add users for $133/user

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  • Bundle of 3+ user licenses
  • Lead your team to
    version control success
  • Priority email support

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  • Bundle of 10+ user licenses
  • Bring all the database
    users on board
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Add users for $99/user

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  • Customized for you
  • Bring all the database
    users on board
  • Email support
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