Connect SQL Server Management Studio to Git, Subversion with VersionSQL

Do You Know Who Made That Change?

Build a comprehensive audit trail of SQL code.

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Check in with a click within Management Studio.

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Simple, intuitive interface gets the job done fast.

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VersionSQL is the straightforward SQL Server version control add-in. It's made to do one thing and do it well: Commit SQL to Git and Subversion source control repositories.


VersionSQL works with any Git or Subversion server hosted on your internal network or in the cloud (GitHub, GitLab, Atlassian Bitbucket, etc.) via secure HTTPS connection.


VersionSQL adds contextual commands to SSMS' Object Explorer panel for checking in an entire database, the contents of a folder, or individual schema items.

Database code is written out to .sql script flat files, organized into folders, and sent to the version control server for safe keeping.


VersionSQL is 100% free for use with SQL Server Express and Developer instances, no registration required. Download now!

Sign up for a free 30-day trial to use VersionSQL with all editions of SQL Server. No credit card necessary!

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  • Supports SQL Server Express and Developer
  • Free license
  • Free updates
  • Free email support

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  • Supports all SQL Server editions, including SQL Azure
  • Free 30-day trial
  • $20 per user license
    Special early adopter pricing
  • One year free updates
  • Priority email support


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