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What's the difference between Free and Professional?

The only difference between VersionSQL Free and VersionSQL Professional is the edition of SQL Server supported. VersionSQL Free can only be used with SQL Server Express, while VersionSQL Professional can be used with any edition of SQL Server (Standard, Enterprise, Data Center, Azure…). There is no difference based on the number of employees at the company, but a license must be purchased for each user.

What's the difference between Professional and Business?

VersionSQL Business is a bulk order of 25 VersionSQL Professional licenses at a discounted rate for use by employees, contractors, and/or consultants within a single organization.

How many computers can I install VersionSQL on?

Each license may be used by one person on one computer, with use on one additional computer allowed provided it is a portable or home computer used exclusively by the same person only. In essence, you can use VersionSQL both on your work PC and home PC with a single license.

How many VersionSQL licenses do I need?

Each person using VersionSQL must be licensed. For instance, if you had a team of ten people using the database but only three of them will use VersionSQL, then you would need three licenses.

VersionSQL licenses are not concurrent-use licenses. Multiple people using the same installation require separate licenses. For instance, if you had a team of three database developers logging into a single machine to use its copy of VersionSQL, you would need three licenses.

Will my license expire?

Each license is a one-time purchase and does not expire. In other words, perpetual.

Upon purchase, you will be enrolled in a support and updates subscription, which you can cancel at any time through a link in the receipt email. Even if you cancel the support subscription, you can keep using the most recent version of the software covered by your subscription forever.

Is the VersionSQL license for the SQL Server or for the users?

Each paid VersionSQL license grants use by one person on one computer (plus one extra personal device), with no limits as to how many servers they can connect to.

What are the limitations of VersionSQL Free?

VersionSQL Free will only commit SQL code hosted by a SQL Server Express server (including SQL Server Express LocalDB). For other editions of SQL Server, a VersionSQL Professional or Business license is required.

In licensing terms, what is a "user"?

Each license may be used by one person on one computer (plus one additional personal device). Installation on additional computers, or use of a shared computer by additional persons requires additional licenses. Note that multiple licenses may be tied to a single license key file; please specify a quantity when checking out.

Will VersionSQL keep working if you disappear?

Totally get it, bus factor risk mitigation and all that. Short answer: Yes.

Purchased license keys are validated offline and therefore will keep granting use even if I disappear. I’ve had my share of problems from aging software in critical business paths that phone home to validate licenses. Wouldn’t wish that consternation on anyone.

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