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Is VersionSQL pricing a one-time fee?

Pricing for VersionSQL can be effectively made into a one-time fee if you cancel your subscription, since VersionSQL licenses are perpetual licenses.

What if I don't like VersionSQL?

If you decide that VersionSQL isn’t right for you, just send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I’ll issue a refund from the payment processor.

Is the support subscription yearly or monthly?

The support subscription renews yearly for a purchase with a perpetual license.

What is a continuity discount?

Your annual subscription cost goes down every year you stay subscribed.

Initial purchase: Full price
First renewal: 20% discount
Second renewal and beyond: 40% discount

It’s my way of saying "thank you" for your continued support of VersionSQL!

Can I get a printable invoice for my order?

Absolutely. After purchase, check your email inbox. Inside the receipt email is a link to view your invoice.

Can’t find it? Email me with your order number and I’ll be happy to send you the PDF.

Can I use a purchase order (PO)?

Sure! If you uncheck "Securely save payment details…" on the purchase form, a new "Invoice" option will become available.

Purchase order step 1

The invoice option will allow entry of a Purchase Order number, to display on the invoice.

Purchase order step 2

Your purchasing department will be able to complete payment via a button on the invoice PDF using ACH, wire transfer, credit card, etc.

Need help? Send me an email and I will be glad to build an order for you.

Can I get non-profit pricing?

Sure! Send me an email with your details and we’ll work something out.

Can I get an educational discount?

Sure! Send me an email with your details and we’ll work something out.

Can I get a discount for ordering in bulk?

Take a look at VersionSQL Team and VersionSQL Business. These equate to multi-user VersionSQL Professional licenses at a significant discount.

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