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Using Scripts

How do I revert changes?

All the procedure, function, and view scripts it saves to your version control system are runnable .sql files just as if you had scripted them from SQL Server Management Studio yourself.

Right-click on the target object in Object Explorer and navigate to the VersionSQL->Open Latest from Repo menu item. This will open the most recently-committed version of the object’s script into a new query window, and you can go from there.

If you need an older version, the exact command you’re looking for differs depending on the version control system and utility (e.g. GitHub.com, TortoiseSVN, git command line, etc), but in general to restore a specific revision you’d check out or clone the revision number you’re after then execute the script in SSMS.

Can VersionSQL merge in changes automatically?

Sorry, all repository operations are initiated manually

Will VersionSQL automatically deploy SQL to a production SQL Server?

VersionSQL provides a simple interface to put SQL into version control. A separate CI/CD system may be able to automatically deploy SQL from version control based upon these commits, but VersionSQL does not automatically deploy SQL itself.

What diff and merge tools can I use with VersionSQL?

VersionSQL ships with its own internal diff viewer.  However, you can configure it to use any diff or merge tool that can be run from the command line.

VersionSQL will auto-detect the following, if installed:

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