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SQL Server Management Studio Add-In Basics

A SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in requires quite a bit of boilerplate code just to get started.  Since official documentation is scarce, knowing which events to hook, functions to call, and incantations to recite requires a considerable amount of poking and prodding of the black box that is SSMS (and its supporting libraries).  Thankfully, much of this has been done and written about!  Rather than restate what has already been masterfully said, here are a few very helpful resources for getting started developing an add-in:

More example code can be found by searching CodePlex, GitHub, etc.  It’s worth noting that most of the code out there was written in Visual Studio 2010 (or earlier) using the old Visual Studio setup project format, and therefore may error when opening in newer IDEs.  This is because Microsoft ended support for *.vdproj projects with VS2012+.  Although they have released an extension to support in in VS2013, it's clear that it is no longer being maintained and the WiX Toolset is the official recommendation moving forward.  We’ll explore installing an add-in using the WiX Toolset in a future post.

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