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Advanced Options

Settings that aren’t critical for getting started, but can be useful in certain situations.


Clear Stored Credentials

For Git and Subversion connections, removes any cached credentials for the current connection or path.

If you authenticated via OAuth, this will clear the token from VersionSQL’s cache. However, your browser may still log you in automatically from its cache. To log in as a different OAuth user, log out of your version control system from your web browser before clicking Clear Stored Credentials.

Disconnect from Version Control

Deletes the connection settings file from your computer. Note that if you click OK on the connection settings dialog after disconnecting, the connection will be recreated.


Root Directory

By default, VersionSQL creates a VersionSQL subfolder inside your repository, and layers in the SQL within that. Use this setting to rename that folder.

Include server name and instance name in path

The default folder structure ensures that similarly-named databases across different servers are tracked independently without conflicts. If that isn’t relevant in your situation, or you want databases on different servers to share the same repo paths, uncheck this box.

  • Checked:
    • root/VersionSQL/pc_name/db_server_name/db_name/db_owner/object_type
  • Unchecked:
    • root/VersionSQL/db_name/db_owner/object_type

Batch table scripting for performance (experimental)

When this is enabled and more than one table is selected for scripting, VersionSQL will retrieve all table scripts in as few SQL queries as possible. In laboratory testing, this has improved commit speeds dramatically.

While the output of this feature looks good, it has not yet endured rigorous testing and is therefore marked experimental.

Note: Unlike other settings in this dialog, this one applies to all connections.

Folder Repository Type

These settings only apply to connections using the Folder repository type.

Auto-close after-save command

Automatically close the command dialog that opens to run the after-save command. If this is unchecked, the command dialog will remain open.

Custom Menu Commands

Allows you to specify any number of custom commands to place in the VersionSQL context menu.


Several presets are provided.

Menu Text

The text to display in the VersionSQL context menu. Clicking that text will run this command.


The command to run. This can be quite powerful – check out the presets for inspiration.

Available variables:

  • %filepath – Output script file path
  • %dbpath – Output database folder path
  • %rootdir – Output repository / root folder path
  • %message – If present, prompts the user for a message

Auto-close command window

Whether or not to close the command once it’s finished running. If the command’s purpose is to provide information to the user, leave this unchecked.

Start commit from output

Kicks off the VersionSQL commit process using a list of files returned from your custom command. Useful for granular commits with custom logic, such as committing only locked files.

Script output should be one path per line, relative to database or repository root. If the path is not specific enough (e.g. just the object name), similarly-named objects may be pulled into the commit. Does not match objects that have been deleted from the database.

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