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Global Ignore Patterns

Filter objects out of commits via a set of patterns. Can be used as a blacklist and/or a whitelist (i.e. to only include objects matching certain patterns).

When running a commit, VersionSQL first matches each object’s path against these patterns. Only objects that pass continue on to the next step in the commit process.

Example use cases:

Exclude objects based on suffix

Say you have some encrypted objects in your database, all helpfully suffixed with _enc. You can exclude these from every commit by adding this line to the Global Ignore Patterns text box:

# Ignore objects with an _enc suffix

Exclude objects based on prefix

Need to exclude all your ERP system tables? Do they follow a naming scheme or are they organized in a particular set of schemas? Great! Here’s a few examples for you:

# Ignore objects with an ERP_ prefix

# Ignore tables with an IM_ prefix

# Ignore everything in the ERP schema

Include only certain objects (whitelist)

Maybe your tables are organized, while the ERP system is a free-for-all. No problem, just ignore everything that doesn’t match your pattern:

# Ignore all objects

# Except those starting with an underscore
# The ! prefix means "except". "*/" says "in any directory", and is used here to ensure the underscore won't match in the middle of the object name.

# Also include any object containing the word "test"

# And this particular view
Note: Ignore patterns are matched against object destination file paths, with unix-style directory separators (e.g. /View/uvw_Test.sql), to conform to gitignore spec.

Follows the gitignore spec. See gitignore documentation for the full range of capabilities available.

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